Introduction to our IOT (Internet of Things) Solutions

We are having the IOT platform which has the capabilities to connect, monitor & control almost all kinds of the IOT Devices, Systems and Plants. We have implemented the high security connectivity system over the standard protocols of connectivity. A High efficiency Security System have been built over the SSL/TLS security layer, which ensures smooth and hassle free operations of the IOT devices and systems.

We have the multiple options to connect the IOT devices to the server like LoRaWAN, 2G/3G/4G, NBIOT, Wi-Fi etc. as a Gateway, and also, Bluetooth, RF Mesh etc. as a local networks if necessary. We have the different connectivity protocols like HTTP, UDP, TCP/IP, MQTT, Telnet etc. supported by our IOT platform. So the platform is flexible enough to meet the requirements of the customers and to give them the cheaper solutions, as well.

Our IOT solutions are built with the intelligent system using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning techniques. These techniques will lead the system to understand the user’s behavior and will behave accordingly. These techniques are incorporated into the IOT servers and also into the devices to ensure the optimum benefits to the users. These techniques will lead the products working in extremely high level of intelligence.

We have Designed an Android and IOS app to handle all of our supported IOT devices. We have incorporated the alert handling sms, payment gateways for billing purposes, billing generations and forwarding to the concerned persons. We have implemented a very easy method to add devices to the mobile apps via QR codes. A highly suitable method to connect to the Wi-Fi connection, which leads you to connect in less than a minute when installing your Wi-Fi enabled device or at the time when the password or the broadband connection is changed.

The IOT platform supports the billing system, if required for the product type. To implement the billing system, the bill generation for any programmable date of a month will be executed. The generated bill, in pdf format, will be forwarded to the concerned persons on their emails. Alerts for different activities will be generated and forwarded to the relevant persons. Also, a payment gateway is incorporated into the platform, which will be associated to the relevant authority’s bank account to transfer the bill payments received from the customers. The connection and disconnection of the relevant services will be taken care by the platform according to the programmable rules and regulations.

The manufacturing of the IOT devices are based on SMT technology and are being done through auto pick and place High efficiency machines. The process of manufacturing the products is developed in such a way that the critical and significant process are executed automatically without human intervention. The product on the manufacturing lines will be connected to the server through an installation machine, and will be updated for the device specific latest software and security system, current time, serial number, and a unique 20 character alphanumeric code and its QR code as well. The same machine will also calibrate the product for its calibration requirements, if any.

All of our IOT devices are having the Software upgradability feature which ensures the customers will get the new features into their products time to time, even when these are installed at the customers location.

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