We are coming with the practical solutions of the prodution ready electronic products. We have a plan to launch 10,000 nos of intelligent electronic products, step by step on this site, which will be available here for free to download their mechanical designs, Electronic Circuits/schematic, their PCB gerber data, BOM and it’s procurement plan, and the complete bug free software/firmware to program the microcontrollers present in the product. We will provide the complete production plan to produce the electronic products. This site will help the engineering students as they have only theoretical knowledge got from their engineering colleges, they basically are unable to give a practical product to help their Industry. To become productive, it will take a lot of time to gain experience. This site will help engineers to become productive from the beginingof their career. This site will also help those manufacturers, who want to grow their business, but they can’t afford the required resources to design and develop their electronic products.